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As part of their weekly timetable, all sixth form students are required to take part in the ‘Personal Development Programme’ (PDP) which is timetabled on Wednesday afternoons. Over the course of the 2 years, most students will take part in 4 PDP activities.


Because we strongly believe in developing the ‘whole person’ in the sixth form, we regard this opportunity for students to gain wider experiences outside of their subject curriculum as an integral part of our service to students.


To this end, we endeavour to offer as wide a range of options within the PDP programme as we can. Some of these will allow students to improve their skills in an area which is already familiar to them, however, we also want to encourage students to ‘step outside of their comfort zone’ and take up new challenges which are unfamiliar to them. Some activities may take place at other times during the week and some may also be away from the school campus.


In particular, we require all year 12 students to embark on at least one ‘ service activity’ as part of their PDP (see ‘S’ symbol at top of relevant pages). This might include doing some voluntary work; working with younger pupils here in school or at a local primary school, or sharing their time with local elderly residents; perhaps some conservation work or sharing skills with others in the locality – the possibilities are endless but the key thing is to be doing something which benefits someone else and not just oneself.


I hope you enjoy reading about our PDP activities and that soon you will be taking part yourself!


Mrs P. Shann

Assistant Director of Sixth Form / PDP Co-ordinator

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