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Community Service

This takes many forms, different activities done at different times with different groups found in different ways [and some forms to fill in!].  You spend time regularly each week outside school as an individual volunteer, being useful to others without being paid for it.  This could be in a busy primary school classroom, in the home of an isolated old person, at a Charity Shop –or anywhere else where help is needed.  You choose the help you are prepared to give –but you are usually helping through an organisation where people know what help is needed and have their own rules for volunteers.
Normally you commit yourself to a placement for 2 terms (or longer)

For the following list of volunteering opportunities, we make contact with the placement. It is also possible to suggest other placements for us to organise.
This year a Haxby youth drama club and the local “Family Fund” office have newly asked us for volunteers

   Most local primary schools [most welcome classroom assistants for Foundation Stage to year 6; Huntington  Primary and Yearsley Grove take many students]

   Oxfam Charity Shop [1 general and 2 specialist ones, are in the city centre]

   Red Lodge [New Earswick sheltered housing and residential care home for the elderly] 

    The Three Bungalows [our neighbours, a home for mentally handicapped adults and their care workers, they have said they would like visitors,  no-commitment trial visits available]

    *AgeUK’s visiting scheme [you are matched to an old person and visit them at home after an interview and training session and CRB check, usually a long term commitment]

   *Wilberforce Trust [activities with blind people often with other handicaps mainly living in small supported homes or in the new activities centre in Huntington - after an interview and training session and CRB check]

    *District Hospital [varied roles as shown on their vacancy website under “Volunteer”]

* THESE LAST THREE PLACEMENTS MAY TAKE MANY WEEKS TO ORGANISE so you will do one of your other PDP activity choices for the first term, while we confirm your ‘community service’ can begin in January.  You would normally then commit to more than one term at this placement. 

In addition to the above, other opportunities for volunteering can be found on the “gifts” notice board to the left of Mr. Uttley’s door in the common room and on the “do-it” website described there.

PDP ‘Community Service’ often takes place on Wednesday afternoons, but the equivalent 2 hours may take place at other times, thus allowing Wednesday afternoon to become private study time. 

If you are interested in Community Service for PDP, in addition to completing the main PDP Options Form at the PDP Fair, you also need fill in the special ‘Community Service Application Form’, available from the Community Service stand at the Fair. However, there is no guarantee that you will be placed in this activity in year 12

Co-ordinator:  Mr P S Mattam
When: Wednesday afternoon or other times
Where: Off-site locations
How Long: Usually two terms or longer 4