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What gets under your skin? What makes your blood boil?! Fancy a rant?! Have a go at debating…

You will develop skills of research, discussion, public speaking, analysis, listening and team work.  You will develop thinking about current political, moral and social issues and events by analysing information and its sources.

Learn the rules of debating and master the art of speaking with confidence in front of audiences on a whole range of themes you may (or may not) know something about.  If you think debating might be for you, you should have a broad interest in current affairs, a natural sense of justice and you should not take yourself too seriously.  You should be prepared to argue with passion when the occasion demands but equally ready to defend the indefensible and play devil’s advocate with conviction if necessary.  Don’t’ worry if you are not yet the most confident speaker, for debating will help you build those techniques, but you will need a sense of humour, imagination and an argumentative streak!


 Debating 1          Debating 2


Co-ordinator: Mrs Wood
Where: To be confirmed
When: Wednesday afternoon
How long: One term