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Gardening & Conservation

This is an outdoors, practical, messy but highly rewarding sort of a group which meets every week to work in the school garden. In 2015/16 we will work on:

  • The Sixth Form garden (which we started from scratch!). You will be doing seasonal jobs – tidying up after the summer, composting, looking after the ponds (including re-lining the big pond and meeting the frogs!), planting bulbs and seeds and finding out how to encourage bees and birds;
  • How to use different tools;
  • Designing an area of the sixth form garden and making it happen; 
  • Working in old people’s gardens locally to do jobs they find difficult;
  • Making bird boxes and feeders, and appreciating the importance of conservation and our garden wildlife.


This is a real stress busting activity, completely different to the classroom – just fresh air, new practical skills and fun!

If you are thinking of a career in an environmental area, horticulture, garden design, countryside rangers, forestry commission, project officer for the RSPB, Wildlife Trusts etc.; the more environmentally related volunteering you have before and during university, the increased impact your CV has when competing for jobs.

One of the Huntington volunteers enjoyed it so much; he has gone to college to study Horticulture which he had never considered before!


Co-ordinator:              Noel Winteringham

When:                           Wednesday afternoon

Where:                         School Garden

How Long:                  One term