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Link Group

At the Link Group you will have the opportunity to spend time with local senior citizens, take part in activities, listen to interesting talks, get creative and make things, and last but not least make some new friends. The Link Group is full of characters who love to chat to you!

You need to be:
• Friendly
• Chatty
• A good laugh
• Reliable
• Committed
• Fun
• Have the ability to make tea and wash up!

What activities do the group do?
• Games and quizzes, bingo and family fortunes
• Physical activities such as Ten–Pin Bowling and Indoor Bowling
• Craft activities such as Card making, Painting and biscuit decorating
• Talks from staff and external speakers such as The History of York, Exotic Holidays and the Fire Brigade
• Christmas meal/Summer Trip
• Visits from (or visits to) other PDP groups such as Debating, Badminton and Masterchef

What do you have to do?
• Be ready to start at 1.25 p.m.
• Set out chairs and tables
• Set up the kitchen, ready for tea and cake
• Chat to the members
• Join in the weekly activities
• Maybe plan and organise an activity (and lead it if you feel able)
• Make and serve the tea
• Collect the tea money
• Help to clear up


Please visit our Link Group page for further information.

Coordinator: Mr Saltmer
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: Sixth Form Common Room
How Long: One Term