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This food option aims to help you develop your cooking skills and unlock your inner Masterchef! During the course you will get the chance to prepare exciting, tasty, healthy and attractive dishes. This option is for anyone who enjoys good home cooked food and who would like to be more confident with their cooking and develop their knowledge of food and health.


Based in the food technology department, the two hour sessions will enable us to be quite ambitious with the dishes we prepare. We can be flexible according to the preferences of the group and modify the recipes to accommodate personal taste.

There will be 10 practical cooking sessions and you need to be committed to providing some of the basic ingredients required. We will however keep costs to a minimum and will provide the more unusual ingredients for you.

You will be able to cook on your own or in small groups (2 – 3) and share the cost of the ingredients. The final “Masterchef” challenge will be to plan a meal and make it in your final practical session. This will be judged by our very own Greg and John.

The course should equip you with life skills and give you the confidence to cook for yourself and to entertain and cook for others.

Each term we will cook for, or with, members of our local community. You will also have the opportunity to join the Huntington School “Cook Club” as a volunteer leader.

Above all, we will have fun experimenting with modern ideas and sharing the ‘fruits of our labour’.


Co-ordinator: Mrs B Lunn
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: Food Technology department
How Long: One term