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Swimming Challenge

This is an activity that will keep you fit and allow you to do some fundraising for a good cause at the same time!  The money you raise will be split between ‘Water Aid’ and ‘SNAPPY’. Essentials for this challenge are physical stamina, a reasonable swimming ability, some ready cash and massive commitment!

Your challenge is to ‘Swim the Channel with a Buddy’ over the Wednesday afternoons of a school term. (21 miles / 33.7 km) The group will swim in an exclusive lane (possibly 2) at the ‘Water World’ pool and each length you personally complete will be recorded by the activity leader. However, in order to complete 2212 lengths of this small 16 metre pool, over approximately 12 Wednesday sessions, we will organise you into ‘channel swimming pairs’ and you will each need to swim between 90 and 100 lengths per session! (5 metre interval between swimmers in a loop formation) So you can see this one isn’t for the purely recreational swimmers amongst you!


Now for the fundraising bit…….  You will be required to gain a minimum of £10 in sponsorship IN ADVANCE of the challenge. Money must be raised and collected ‘up front’ and handed to the designated member of school staff at the first session, before you take up the challenge.


There will also be a weekly £1.50 reduced entry fee for the pool payable upon entrance - you will also need to show a ‘Huntington Pass’ (issued in advance)


A chance to get physically fit and help others at the same time – the perfect activity – are you up for it?


Co-ordinator: Miss K Davis

 Where: ‘Water World’

 When: Wednesday afternoon (make your own way there to start swimming at 1.30; punctuality is essential)          

 How long: One term