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This PDP is suitable for anyone who loves Drama and likes to work as part of a team.


In term 1 you will work as a company to create a performance for the local primary schools. You can be involved in this piece as a performer or backstage. This project aims to work alongside the Music and Art PDP groups at times within this term.


During Term 2 we will go into Huntington Primary School and lead a group of students in a series of workshops which will result in their creating a piece of theatre. This will be performed for an audience.


We will begin the course with a couple of practical drama sessions to generate ideas and establish your interests.


We need people who are:-

  • Keen to work with others
  • Interested in organising and/or performing in an event
  • Keen to try something new…..


Co-ordinator:  Ms Pelleymounter

Where:             P02

When:              Wednesday afternoon

How long:        Two terms