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There is no simple explanation for why students do better in our Sixth Form although we believe that it is the mixture of support and challenge that we provide that probably accounts for this.

That support and challenge cuts across the whole Sixth Form experience. It comes from experienced and hard-working teams of subject teachers who understand the realities of teaching at this level and who are ready to provide the extra help and support for their students when this is needed.

It comes also from the range of opportunities we give our students to get involved with the wider life of the school and the community and to make a difference to that community. We believe the confidence they gain from running the Sixth Form Tuck Shop, taking charge of Charity Week or taking part in any of the several drama productions that take place each year impacts directly upon their academic performance too. We value the role that those extra-curricular activities play so much that we actually timetable it: every Wednesday afternoon, lessons are suspended and students take part in the Personal Development Programme, where they can choose from activities as diverse as debating to cookery, sport to community service.

It comes also from the pastoral support and guidance we give our students at this often challenging time in their lives. Experienced form tutors and pastoral staff work together with our students to set clear targets and provide the right advice at the right time in terms of that crucial next step into higher education or employment.  Students have regular progress reviews throughout their time in the Sixth Form so that if problems arise these can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Finally, of course, it is the support and challenge that comes from you also - the parents - that ensure your children's success and we do our best to keep you informed about your son's or daughter's progress in the Sixth Form through regular newsletters and reports home. You will receive two progress reports in Year 12 and another one in Year 13, as well as have the chance to meet teachers on two parents' evenings. In addition, we will do our best to let you know as soon as possible of any problems your son or daughter might be experiencing and hope that you too will feel able to contact us should you have any concerns.