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What Our Students Say

 These are a few profiles of Huntington School Students, written by themselves, describing their experiences, and the possibilities for study and personal development at Huntington Sixth Form.

Sophie Hunter      

Sophie Hunter:

"I joined Huntington Sixth From in Year 12 and almost immediately found my feet and felt at home- something which I'd worried about quite a lot before hand.

 I am currently studying Maths, Biology, Chemistry and English Literature although I originally started out with Music instead of Chemistry but switched upon deciding to head for a career in Medicine. Although it would have been great to start out with the right combination of subjects, there is some chance to change. The teachers were very supportive of my decision and I greatly appreciated this flexibility despite having to catch up on all the work I'd missed!

Outside of lessons I enjoy taking part in the Music Live PDP (Personal Development Programme) on a Wednesday afternoon, CU, the Pantomime, Show-in-a-Week and Girl's football on a Friday lunch time. I am grateful for the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer at Huntington as I think it is definitely the best way to meet new people. Looking back to year 11 when I had to decide where to study for the next two years I know now I made the right decision!"

Callum Tyson  

Callum Tyson:

I initially chose to study Business, Product Design, Geography and Media for many reasons but mostly because I enjoyed them throughout GCSE level and wanted to carry on and further my knowledge and understanding in more depth. I think it is important to choose subjects which you are not only academically good at but also ones which you enjoy and show interest in. the other thing to be aware of when choosing subjects is the workload and I found it great that I had the balance of work as Media and Product Design are highly coursework based whereas the other two are more knowledge based and this worked out well for me.

The social side of the Sixth Form is one of the things I enjoy most and these are boosted by the opportunities such as Panto at Christmas and Show In A Week which are excellent things to be involved in - especially Panto, doing the dance was one of the best and most fun things I've done in Huntington School. As both years in the 6th form bond and get on with each other the atmosphere is great. The other thing to look forward to if you like your football is the Girls and Boys football on Thursdays and Fridays lunchtimes, they are a great opportunities to get to know people and getting involved.

After my time at Huntington 6th form I hope to have a gap year hopefully to Canada to do some winter sports teaching, maybe snowboarding and then following that I hope to go to University to study a Graphic Design course."

Megan Orr  

Megan Orr:

"I am currently studying Art, Textiles, English Literature and Philosophy. I found this combination of subjects to work really well together as I have a good mixture of subjects. Art and textile are more heavily coursework based and also allow me to work creatively and independently. In contrast English Literature and Philosophy are both essay based subjects which means they are more structured but equally as enjoyable for me.

One of the main benefits of Sixth Form for me is that the number of pupils per class is significantly lower which consequently means that each person gets lots more attention which really improves your work. The Sixth Form has also provided me with the chance to travel to Amsterdam with my Art class which was a wonderful experience as I got to see some incredible art and also had a really enjoyable time.

In  PDP I chose to be a member of the Link Group which involves meeting with some senior citizens from the local area. This has been incredibly enjoyable and rewarding as I have got to spend time with members of the community that I wouldn't normally encounter. The Sixth Form provides amazing opportunities for everyone to develop as an individual and to reach your maximum potential thanks to the opportunities,  teaching and support available to you."