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Applied Science


This course is for students with an interest in Science and an enquiring mind, who wish to know more about how Science works in today's highly technological society.

The course develops a broad understanding of Science, including different aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and development, and will use a range of laboratory techniques, learning skills in research, report writing and presentation of findings.  Visits and work experience with local scientific employers will be arranged, enhancing students' appreciation of the role of Science and scientists in society.  In each year there will be two portfolio (coursework) units and one externally examined unit.




Unit 1: Investigating Science at Work

This is a portfolio unit and investigates the type of work undertaken in a scientific organisation or workplace and the science involved in the work.

Unit 2: Energy Transfer Systems

This is an examined unit and looks at the structure and function of the circulatory and respiratory systems and how they can be monitored, as well as energy transfers in the body, within the wider context of the world's energy usage and wastage.


Unit 3: Finding Out About Substances

This is a portfolio unit.  You will study techniques of analysis and identification of chemical and biological substances, and how they are applied in the pharmaceutical industry and in a forensic/pathology laboratory.


Unit 7: Planning and Carrying Out a Scientific Investigation

In this unit, you will undertake a scientific investigation of your own, including research and experimental work, and present your findings.  Assessment is via your portfolio.


Unit 8: Medical Physics

You will study the physics, techniques and instruments used in a wide variety of medical diagnoses and treatments and you will be assessed via a written examination.

Unit 13: Colour Chemistry

This is a portfolio unit and looks at the science behind dyes, pigments and paints.



An Advanced Level in Applied Science is a good preparation for students considering either Higher Education or entry into work.  Employers rate highly the practical skills, breadth of knowledge and communication skills gained during this course.  Employment opportunities include biotechnology, chemical analysis, food technology and engineering.  Applied Science is also an excellent preparation for a wide range of university courses relating to scientific, technological and engineering professions.



Students who study this subject will usually have achieved A* to C grades in 4 subjects at GCSE level, including Science.