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D&T: Food Technology


The Food Technology course is an academic, innovative and challenging course that encourages students to take a broad view of design technology, food science and nutrition. Students will develop a capacity to design and make food products and appreciate the complex relations between design, materials and manufacture.  The course seeks to develop skills and knowledge in: •planning, research, product development and evaluation. •understanding, skills and application for designing food products 

The course includes a high practical input and students will be required to develop and enhance their ICT skills.




Unit 1: Portfolio of Creative Skills

Students are presented with the opportunity to develop their creative, technical and practical skills through a series of product investigations, design and manufacturing activities. A portfolio will be produced to demonstrate creativity and flair when designing and making food products.

Unit 2: Design and Technology in Practice

Students will develop a knowledge and understanding of a wide range of materials, components, additives and process used in the design and production of food products.


Unit 3: Food Products, Nutrition and Product Development

Students will develop a knowledge and understanding of a range of food commodities, aspects of nutrition, product development and food innovation.  Consumerism and the awareness of the influence of new technologies are also key areas of study.

Unit 4: Commercial Design

Students are given the exciting opportunity to apply the skills they have acquired and developed throughout the course of study to design and make a food product of their choice to answer a particular design brief presented by a client or user group.



The Food Industry continues to expand and is one of the largest employers in the UK.  Food Technologists are must sought after.  An Advanced Level course in Food Technology is a widely recognised academic qualification.  It can lead to Further Education in a wide variety of courses in research, food science, product development, food manufacture, dietetics and marketing.



Students studying Food Technology at this level should have A* to C grades in a range of GCSE subjects. An A* to C GCSE grade in Food Technology/Home Economics/Hospitality and Catering is advantageous.  To cope with the level of scientific understanding students must also have attained at least a grade C in Science.