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D&T: Textiles Technology


The course is an excellent progression from GCSE Design and Technology courses.  It is an academic and innovative subject in which candidates will develop their capacity to design and make products and to understand the relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing.  Candidates are required to have a knowledge and understanding of the design and make process, a genuine interest in textile materials and textile manufacturing and the ability to be creative and innovative and produce high quality products.




Unit 1: Materials, Components and Application

The unit focuses on the working characteristics, physical properties, cost and availability that influence the choice of materials in design situations.  Students will be encouraged to explore practical applications through making activities.


Unit 2: Learning Through Designing and Making

Students choose their own design and make project which can be fashion based or other textile products such as furnishings, children's products etc. A design portfolio and a manufactured outcome are produced.



Unit 3: Design and Manufacture

This unit is based on Design and Manufacture.

Candidates further develop their knowledge and understanding of materials and components, design and market influences and processes and manufacture.


Unit 4: Designing and Making Practice

This is a design and make unit where knowledge of the AS and A2 subject content is applied to the design and manufacture of candidates' own projects.



An Advanced Level course in Design Technology:  Product Design Textiles is a widely recognised academic qualification.  It can lead to Further and Higher Education in a wide variety of courses and to employment in research, fashion, construction, commerce and marketing within the textile and clothing fields.  The number of jobs in the textiles industry continues to outnumber applicants!



Students who wish to study this subject will normally have achieved A* to C in a range of GCSE subjects.  An A* to C grade in a Design Technology subject would also be advantageous.