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General Studies


The most effective way of giving breadth and balance to the Advanced Level curriculum is a General Studies course, and nearly all students take this subject at either AS or A Level in Year 13 to complement their other choices. The course is highly regarded by many university admission tutors in a wide range of subjects and is a demanding intellectual challenge.


This is a very interesting and challenging course which builds upon a base of knowledge acquired through studying a broad range of subjects at GCSE. Students will discuss the nature of knowledge, truth and belief and analyse data and information. The ability to evaluate a case, make informed judgements and reach justified conclusions will be developed.




Unit 1: Culture and Society

(1 hour 30 minutes exam)

A wide range of topics will be covered including: the role of art in society, major art works, beliefs, values and moral issues, the role of the media, the recognition of bias, freedom rights and responsibilities and the British political system.


Unit 2: Science and Society

(1 hour 30 minutes exam)

Important issues exploring the relationship between science and society will be studied. These will include the impact and social, ethical and environmental implications of scientific discoveries and inventions and the moral dilemmas surrounding the work of scientists will also be discussed. This unit will be assessed by a 1 hour 30 minute exam.



Unit 3: Culture and Society

(2 hour exam)

A number of interesting areas will be discussed and debated including: the role and responsibility of artists, the dilemmas and complexity of a multi-faith and pluralist society, the power of language and images to transmit, persuade or distort and the role of 'spin' and propaganda.


Unit 4: Science and Society

(2 hour exam)

Students will examine a number of important topics including: the contribution of science and technology to lifestyles in different societies, the solving of world problems through co-operation and intervention and be made aware of the approach of different social sciences to our understanding of people and problems.



Every employer or university department emphasises flexibility of thinking as a key criterion. General Studies as a qualification is not a direct link to any job or career, but the skills you practise and the knowledge you acquire are fundamental to every subject in the curriculum. In practical terms of UCAS entrance, success in this subject can be crucial in gaining you entrance to a wide variety of university courses.



No specific GCSE grades are required to study this subject at Advanced Level. If you have been accepted to study in our Sixth Form on a range of A Level courses, then you would automatically qualify to take General Studies.