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Health & Social Care (Single Award)

This is a vocational course which provides opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that underpin the health, social care, children, young people and community justice sectors. The course is assessed through 50% coursework and 50% examinations.


Unit 1: Effective Care and Communication
In this is a coursework unit students investigate the skills needed to care for and communicate with one particular group of people of their choice. Assessment is based on a single piece of coursework.

Unit 2:
Understanding Health Conditions and Patient Care Pathways
(1 hour 30 minute exam)
This unit looks at a range of health conditions, and the appropriate patient care pathways which are commonly followed.


Unit 6: Practitioner Roles
This is a coursework unit that affords the opportunity to investigate two different job roles in depth. The job roles can be selected from the world of work in the health, social care, children, young people and community justice sectors.

Unit 10: Diagnosis, Treatment and Preventative Strategies
(2 hour exam)
This tested unit which examines ways in which common diseases and disorders can be prevented and treated.


Health and Social Care is an excellent preparation for anyone considering higher education at degree or diploma level in a wide range of related courses such as Nursing, Social Policy, Social Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Childcare, Paediatrics, Midwifery, Social Work, Police Officer, Probation Officer, YOTs, Paramedics, Health Visitor, Counselling  and Teaching. Alternatively, students may move directly into employment where they may continue to gain qualifications via the NVQ route.

Students who choose this subject will typically achieve mainly grades between A-C with a minimum of 5 Cs.  Previous experience of Health and Social Care is not required.