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This is an interesting and challenging course which offers students the opportunity to study British and European History in both depth and breadth. The focus on the 16th Century allows students to broaden their understanding of History, as well as to develop their skills. The course provides opportunities to develop transferable skills ranging from research, document analysis, essay writing, questioning skills, group work and organisation of information. (At A2 the personal study allows students to demonstrate a greater degree of flair and independence of thought on a particular person, issue or event across a 100 year period and could be used to show vocational learning if the study incorporates visits to museums or places of historical interest).




Unit 1: Britain 1483-1529

(1 hour 15 minutes written exam)

How effectively did the Tudors establish and consolidate their monarchy?

This unit provides an overview of developments in England

1483-1529. It focuses on the growth of political stability under the Tudors from the instability of the reign of Richard III.

Unit 2: The Reign of Henry IV of France, 1589-1610

(1 hour 30 minutes written exam)

This unit aims to provide a chronological and thematic link to Unit 1 in that students study a period of French monarchy which began in severe decline at the end of the French Wars of Religion and emerged in 1610 as a much stronger institution.


Unit 3: The Triumph of Elizabeth I: Britain 1541-1603

(1 hour 30 minutes written exam)

This unit provides a direct thematic and chronological link to Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the AS level. It promotes an understanding of change and continuity over a period of 60 years of British History. Students will develop understanding of individuals, and the social, economic, political and religious factors that shaped Elizabeth's reign.

Unit 4: Historical Enquiry / Personal Study

Students will submit a Historical Enquiry based on the investigation of a historical issue over a 100 year period. This will be a partly taught course with students working independently to complete their enquiry. The focus of this course will be either Spain 1477-1600 or The Reformation in Europe 1500-1600.



An advanced level course in History is good preparation for anyone considering a degree in History, Politics, Law, Journalism and Social Studies. It provides transferable skills and academic rigour for Higher Education and the workplace.



Students who study this subject will normally achieve A*-C grades in a range of subjects, including History and English. It is possible to study this course without having studied GCSE History.