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Subject Leader
Mr M. Smith

At Huntington School you have the opportunity to study Maths with the most amazing and inspiring Maths teachers. We aim to make Maths an enjoyable subject, as well as showing you how it can be linked to other subjects and to situations in everyday life. Just remember – Maths is a skill; it takes practice and confidence in order to succeed. We are always here to help – just ask.

Our Vision
Our Vision for Mathematics is presented below: We are passionate about promoting the creativity and beauty of Mathematics.


Maths Vision


 Programmes of Study

Key Stage 3 Mathematics is delivered in line with the National Key Stage 3 Framework and builds on work undertaken at primary school. All students take GCSE Mathematics with some of our more able students also taking the Further Mathematics GCSE. Interest in studying Mathematics post-16 is very strong: the Mathematics course provides a stimulating and interesting base for further study, and we also offer AS Level Further Mathematics.

Careful monitoring of all students’ performance throughout their time at Huntington enables us to set high and clear targets for each student and give them effective feedback to maximise their potential in the subject.