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This is course for all kinds of musician, based on a balanced range of styles both historical and contemporary. It is a course that suits performers, composers and those who like to listen. As an AS student you will prepare a range of solo and ensemble performances throughout the course and compose 1 original work choosing from a broad range of stimuli. You will learn how to use harmony effectively and develop advanced aural and analytical skills. At A2 you can choose to focus on composition or stylistics alongside broadening and deepening your performing, aural and essay writing.

Throughout the course you will:
• prepare a range of solo and ensemble performance work
• develop the skills required to analyse and compose stylistically
• develop your skills as a composer
• develop your knowledge of music across a wide range of genres and its context in history
• learn how to write and talk about music accurately and critically



Unit 1
5-6 minute programme of solo and ensemble performance

Unit 2
3 minute original composition with score, recording and CD sleeve notes

Unit 3
2 hour written exam:
• listening paper with own CD and skeleton score
• investigation styles
• understanding chords and lines



Unit 4
solo or ensemble recital 12-15 mins

Unit 5
choose either 2 compositions, or 2 stylistic compositional techniques, or 1 or each

Unit 6
3 hour written exam: •listening paper with own CD and skeleton score •music in context •continuity and change in musical styles



Studying music at advanced level is recognised as one of the best ways of developing creativity, confidence, self-reliance, self-discipline, leadership and team skills - qualities sought by today's employers. Even of you are not considering Music as a degree subject or future career, it is a widely accepted additional A level in Higher Education as a result of these characteristics. The course naturally leads on to study of Music or Music technology at university or specialist music school, though the latter will also require a playing or singing ability way beyond the requirements at A level as places at the top institutions are highly sought after by both British and overseas students.



Students who wish to study Music at this level should normally have A* to C grades in a range of subjects at GCSE level, with at least a B grade in Music. However, equivalent experience, which should include the ability to read notation and play to grade 5 standard, will be considered.