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Physical Education


An A Level in Physical Education provides an excellent basis for study for jobs in education, leisure, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social services.  Over the two years of this course, you will have the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in a variety of roles such as performer, official, leader or coach and to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the modern day sporting arena and current developments in sports such as the impact of new sports technology, sport specific rehabilitation and the use of ergogenic aids. It will be essential that students keep up their sporting involvement in the two roles being marked and take regular video footage showing them performing the key skills involved in both roles.




Unit 1: Opportunities for and the effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle

(2 hour written exam)

This unit looks at applied physiology, skill acquisition and opportunities for participation, and examines the application of theoretical knowledge to a practical situation.


Unit 2: Analysis and evaluation of physical activity as performer and/or in adopted role/s

(Internal assessment)

Candidates are assessed on their ability to perform analyse and evaluate the execution of core skills/techniques in isolation and a structured practice in a choice of roles, including performer, umpire, referee or coach, among others. In addition, you will consider the theoretical factors which improve performance.



Unit 3: Optimising performance and evaluating contemporary issues within sport

(2 hour written exam)

In this unit you will study how the application of physiological factors and knowledge can optimise performance as well as study contemporary influences in sport and their impact on the performer.


Unit 4: Optimising practical performance in a competitive situation

(Internal assessment)

In this unit you will be assessed on your ability to perform, analyse and evaluate your own performance of the core skills/techniques in a competitive situation as either performer, umpire/referee/official or organiser/leader/coach.



This A Level may give you access to courses and careers in Physiotherapy, Psychology, Sociology, Sports Management, Sports Science, Sports Coaching and Teaching.



Students who wish to study this subject will normally achieve A* to C in a range of subjects.  In addition students usually have B grades in GCSE Science and English. It is not necessary to have taken GCSE Physical Education but this would be considered an advantage.