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Travel & Tourism


Travel and Tourism is a wide-ranging subject in which you will study various aspects of this huge global industry from the point of view of both the customers and the companies involved in the industry. The course is an Applied A Level, so you will be studying and visiting real organisations in order to learn how they are managed and to examine the impact they have upon the surrounding area. A wide range of skills are assessed throughout the course, ranging from practical customer service and event planning skills  through to more academic coursework and exams based skills.




Unit 1: Inside Travel and Tourism

By the end of this unit students will have an in-depth understanding of the structure of the UK travel industry and of the way that the industry has developed over time. This unit is assessed by an external exam.

Unit 2: Travel and Tourism, a People Industry

This unit focuses on how real businesses manage the training of new staff. Students are required to carry out visits to various companies and report back with their findings. They are also assessed on a range of customer service skills.

Unit 3: Travel Destinations

Students carry out research on two contrasting tourist destinations and produce a "fact file" on each one.



Unit 8: Travel and Tourism Project

Students are required to plan and run a travel and tourism event. In the past these have included trips to Blackpool, taking over a restaurant for a Thai food night and running a treasure hunt around York for foreign students.

Unit 9: People and Quality

This unit follows on from AS unit 2, but focuses on how organisations manage the delivery of their service. It too is assessed by an external exam.

Unit 10: Current Issues in Travel and Tourism

In this unit students will study a range of issues and conflicts which are related to the travel and tourism industry. They will then choose one subject which particularly interests them and carry out further study on this topic. Issues might include the impact of terrorism, the use of ICT or Adventure Tourism amongst many others.



A wide range of careers are available in the travel and tourism industry, ranging from holiday reps to tour guides to fast-track hotel management programmes. Options for further study after the course are wide-ranging, including Business, Tourism or Leisure management degrees.  The skills you will develop throughout the course will also be invaluable in a wide range of other careers and future paths for those considering employment after Year 13.



Students who wish to study Travel and Tourism will normally have achieved at least 4 grades A* - C at GCSE.