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Head of House: Mr R Gray
Assistant Head of House: Miss P Hall
"I am no bird: and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will" - Jane Eyre (1847) by Charlotte Brontë.
Charlotte Bronte  

Charlotte Brontë, born in Thornton in North Yorkshire, was one of the three Brontë sisters, and worked as a novelist. She was born in 1816, and died in 1855, and together with her second youngest sister Emily, is one of the most famous and celebrated novelists of all time.

Her most famous work is of course Jane Eyre, a moving story of the emotion and experiences that are encountered on the way to adulthood, written in 1829. She is celebrated as having changed the way that fiction was written, and for progressing the rights, equality, and independence of women.

She was subject to significant criticism for her work, which was seen to encourage women to rebel against the authority of the time, men, although she continued to write despite this.

During her life, Charlotte became a teacher in Yorkshire, and later moved to Brussles to study French, German and Music. She eventually married at the age of 39, but sadly died 8 months later whilst pregnant.

She is, undoubtedly, an excellent person on which to base a house!

Word of the Week:

In memory of Charlotte Brontë, the house displays a Word of the Week! The current list, since this idea has been running, is as follows:
Kith (n): "Friends"
Quaggy (adj): "Marshy, Boggy"
Rigmarole (n): "Foolish talk, gibberish, or a complicated procedure"
Schlep (vb): "To move awkwardly or to carry something"
Rue (vb): "To regret"
Vernal (adj): "Appearing or occuring in spring"


House Points:

Brontë House currently has 23068 points.