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Huntington School Cook House
Head of House: Mr D Lamb
Assistant Head of House: Miss L Scott
Behaviour and Attendance Manager: Mrs K Clipston
House Captain: Katie Hemingway





1st place 200HP Cook Beth Grimes:

Huntington School November Winner

Who are Cook house?

Cook House 7CC
7CC - Mrs K Potts
Cook House 7CD 
7CD - Mr S Furness & Miss K Hutchison 
 Cook House 8CC
 8CC - Miss A Gingele
 Cook House 8CD
 8CD - Miss S Carr & Miss S Dawson
 Cook House 9CC
 9CC - Mr D Sanderson & Miss S Dawson
 Cook House 9CD
 9CD - Mr T Burnage
 Cook House 10CC
 10CC - Miss K Pople & Miss A Crossan
 Cook House 10CD
 10CD - Miss L Briggs
 Cook House 11CC
 11CC - Mrs J Elsworth & Mr S Foreman
 Cook House 11CD
 11CD - Mrs S Lawrenson

Who was Captain Cook?

Captain Cook
James Cook was born on 27 October 1728 in a small village near Middlesbrough in Yorkshire. His father was a farm worker. At the age of 17, Cook moved to the coast, settling in Whitby and finding work with a coal merchant. In 1755, Cook enlisted in the Royal Navy, serving in North America where he learnt to survey and chart coastal waters.

In 1769, the planet Venus was due to pass in front of the Sun, a rare event visible only in the southern hemisphere. The British government decided to send an expedition to observe the phenomenon. A more secret motive was to search for the fabled southern continent. Cook was chosen as commander of the Whitby-built HMS Endeavour. Those on board included astronomer Charles Green and botanist Joseph Banks.

Endeavour arrived in Tahiti in April 1769 where Green was able to observe the transit of Venus. Endeavour continued on to New Zealand, and then sailed along the length of Australia's eastern coast, which had never before been seen by Europeans. Cook claimed it for Britain and named it New South Wales. Cook and his crew then returned home, arriving in July 1771.

In 1772, not satisfied by his previous exploits, Cook set out on a second voyage to look for the southern continent. His two ships sailed close to the Antarctic coast but were forced to turn back by the cold. They then visited New Zealand and Tahiti, returning to England in 1775.

Cook's third voyage was to find the North-West Passage that was believed to link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Unable to find the fabled route, Cook took his two ships south and explored the island of Hawaii. Relations with the islanders were soured after the theft of a ship's boat. On 14 February Cook tried to take the local leader hostage. There was a scuffle and Cook was stabbed and killed.

Cook House Lifeboats Charity

Here in Cook house we support our house charity which is the RNLI. Since the RNLI was founded in 1824, its lifeboats, and since 2001, its lifeguards, have saved more than 139,000 lives. We raise money for the RNLI by running house competitions and events within the school.

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea.

They provide, on call, a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service and a seasonal lifeguard service.

The RNLI saves lives at sea.

To end preventable loss of life at sea.

• Selfless: willing to put the requirements of others before our own and the needs of the team before the individual, able to see the bigger picture and act in the best interests of the RNLI, and to be inclusive and respectful of others. Prepared to share our expertise with organisations that share our aims.
• Dependable: always available, committed to doing our part in saving lives with professionalism and expertise, continuously developing and improving. Working in and for the community and delivering on our promises.
• Trustworthy: responsible, accountable and efficient in the use of the donations entrusted to us by our supporters, managing our affairs with transparency, integrity and impartiality.
• Courageous: prepared to achieve our aims in changing and challenging environments. We are innovative, adaptable and determined in our mission to save more lives at sea.

House competitions coming this year…..

Shoebox appeal: Send a shoebox full of items for someone less fortunate to open this Christmas.

Pumpkin carving: Have a go at creating your scariest pumpkin – but be careful when carving!

Make your own Christmas decoration: Create a fabulous Christmas decoration which will be on display at the front of school.

Pancake flipping: Can you run and flip a pancake at the same time?

Easter cookery: Create a 3 course menu with a friend and you have an hour to cook it. Ready….. Steady….. Cook!

Sports competitions: Mr Crabtree will be running sports competitions to test your athletic abilities.

Sports day: We ask each pupil to take part in at least one event whether that be track or field.

Cookie of the month…
Coming soon…….