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Head of House: Mr S Wareham 
Assistant Head of House: Mrs L Norton
Behaviour & Attendance Manager: Mrs J Poole

Wilberforce House 2013-2014
Here are the form tutors in Wilberforce House for this school year:
7WG: Mr Hughes
7WH: Miss Day
8WG: Miss Maycock
8WH: Mrs Johnson
9WG: Mrs Fortune
9WH: Miss Fletcher
10WG: Miss Walker
10WH: Mrs Speck
11WG: Mrs Elsworth & Mr Murgatroyd
11WH: Mr Hunt

Other colleagues supporting form tutors in Wilberforce House are:
Mr Shillito
Mrs Hastings
Mrs Tomlinson
Mr Wilson
Mr Cartmail

Wilberforce House Student of the Week
Each week the Wilberforce House form tutors nominate a Wilberforce House Student of the Week. This is a student which has demonstrated the Wilberforce House core values of Honesty, Respect and Kindness during the previous week or has done something above and beyond what has been expected. A certificate is presented to the student in assembly by the Head of House. Congratulations to these students of the week so far this year:
27 September 2012: Hannah Bayliss 9WH
4 October 2012: Jordan Leetham 8WH
1 October 2012: George Walker 7WG
18 October 2012: Jack Titley 9WG
25 October 2012: Ben Crossfield & Joseph MacDonald 9WH 
8 November 2012: Chloe Walton 9WG
15 November 2012: Ellie Duffield 8WH
22 November 2012: Pippa Jackson 8WG
10 December 2012: All of 8WH for their "Wilbo Style" assembly
17 December 2012: Lauryn Sherwood 8WH
7 January 2013: Karl Haigh 9WH
14 January 2013: Imogen Brown 10WG
21 January 2013: Daniel Marshall Cambridge 8WH
14 February 2013: Ellie Sewell 7WH
14 March 2013: Alice Olsen 10WG
21 March 2013: Kelsey Dykes 9WH
3 June 2013: Casey-Jean Brett 7WH
8 July 2013: Rebecca Darley 7WG, Ellie Sewell 7WH, Meg Dunning 8WG, Jasmine Handley 8WH, Caitlin Hamilton 9WG, Kelsey Dykes 9WH, Alice Olsen 10WG, Jason Brewster 10WH         

Wilberforce House

House Champions 2012 and Runners-Up 2013  
Wilberforce House were the winners of the House Shield for 2011-2012 and the runners-up for 2012-2013. Congratulations to all of the students in Wilberforce House for all their hard work over the last two years making our House such a huge success! Well done!

Huntington School Wilberforce House Champions 2012 Wilberforce House Team Mrs Poole, Mr Wareham and Miss Palin
 Wilberforce House Champions 2012     Mrs Poole, Mr Wareham & Miss Palin

Mad Hat Day for Comic Relief!
Students of Wilberforce House raised an amazing £88.37 for Comic Relief by taking part in a Mad Hat Day on Friday 15 March 2013. Students were allowed to wear a hat all day in school when they donated any amount of money to Comic Relief! Well done to Wilberforce House for raising an amazing amount of money for a good cause.

Christmas Decoration Competition
Congratulations to Hannah Bayliss in 9WH who was the runner-up in the Christmas Decoration Competition. 150 House Points for Wilberforce House! Well done, Hannah!

Photography Competition
Congratulations to Lucy Edmunds in 8WH who was the winner of the October Photography competition - 200 House Points to Wilberforce House. Well done, Lucy! Congratulations also to Max Rose in 11WG who came third in the November Photography Competition - 100 House Points to Wilberforce. Well done, Max! 

Year 7 and the Big 8
Wilberforce House Year 7 students worked together on their first day at Huntington School during the Big 8 day to produce two amazing friezes showing William Wilberforce demonstrating the Big 8 skills. At the end of the day, the judges decided that the Wilberforce friezes were the best out of all four houses. Well done to our new Year 7 students on a brilliant first day at Huntington School!

Wilberforce Trust Wilberforce Logo 
Wilberforce House have linked with the local charity the Wilberforce Trust which is based here in Huntington. It looks after the partially-sighted within the community. 

Wilberforce House students have been designing the Christmas Cards for the Wilberforce Trust. These designs will be sold in school and across the city to raise money for the Wilberforce Trust. Congratulations to Kate Dodwell, Caitlin Hamilton and Marci Curcher whose designs are now on sale from the school reception - 10 cards and envelopes for £3. All proceeds from the sale on these cards go to the Wilberforce Trust.

Attendance in Wilberforce House
The House pastoral team are having a big drive towards making attendance as good as possible; and in the spirit of this, each week the form in the House with the highest level of attendance receives a certificate for its achievement!

Average attendance for students in Wilberforce House for the academic year 2011-2012 was 95.5% with the 8WH as the highest attending form (96.9%), followed by 9WH (96.4%).

After one term complete, the current highest attending form for 2012-2013 in Wilberforce House is 7WG with an impressive average attendance of 97.83%, followed by 10WH with 96.87%.

William Wilberforce
William Wilberforce was a British Philanthropist, Politician, and most notably one of the leading voices in the early-mid 19th century speaking out against the slave trade. Born in Kingston upon Hull in 1759, he went on to become the independent MP for Yorkshire, his main achievement during this time being the leadership of the successful campaign to pass the Slave Trade Act 1807. The total campaign leading up to this moment took 26 years.

Wilberforce was not just kind-hearted towards the slave cause; he worked hard during his career as an activist in the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and was a member of the executive board of the Church Mission Society.

Moving back to focus his attention on the slave trade, which despite his previous success was still prominent, William campaigned for the complete abolition of slavery, leading to the passage of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833. Just three days after hearing that this bill had been passed through Parliament, Wilberforce passed away due to ill health. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Wilberforce House Quiz
The 10 forms compete in a weekly quiz on Friday mornings, designed by the Year 11 Student Leaders.

House Points
Wilberforce house currently has 26628 points.