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Key Stage 3

Students are introduced to the Foundation concepts and techniques in Art.

These have been structured in a hierarchical manner appropriate to attainment in Years 7, 8 and 9.


Students are taught relevant concepts and techniques with integral Critical Studies as part of a dynamic process of research, experimentation and development of ideas. This is recorded through folder work for Key Stage 3, with small sketchbooks used for experimental work and ideas; and formally in sketchbooks at Key Stage 4 and 5.

Detailed Schemes of Learning for Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 follow the National Curriculum guidelines and exam assessment criteria.


Huntington students are now able to study A level Art and Design: Fine Art and Visual Arts in Group 6 in the International Baccaulaureate.


Units studied in KS3

Year 7 – Identity (2D and 3D), Natural Forms (2D and 3D), and Exhibition (students develop work in groups based on a brief that results in an online exhibition)

Year 8 – Aboriginal Art (2D and 3D), Masks (2D and 3D), and Pop Art (2D and digital work)

Year 9 – Bugs (2D and 3D), Abstract Painting/buildings (2D and large scale group work) and The Figure (2D and 3D),


Key Stage 4

GCSE Courses: Edexcel Art & Design – Fine Art.


Students produce 2 coursework projects (worth 60%), one in each year. During Year 10 students focus on building skills and develop an understanding of covering the Assessment Objectives. During Year 11 students produce a highly focused project.

Students follow a thematic approach to work, and are given the freedom to express individual ideas within a structured framework.


Students are examined in art during February to May of Year 11. This is worth 40% of marks, and takes the form of an exam paper with a set theme. Students prepare for this in approximately 10 weeks of lessons, leading to a 10 hour timed test in the artroom. This is done over 2 full days.


Assessment in Art

Key Stage 3:

Targets and positive comments are written continuously throughout the project both in folder work and in sketchbooks.

Formally at the end of the project student work is marked against NC PoS and a level given. Students take an active part in this process using an evaluation sheet. Teacher targets are also given. These are focused to student target levels.

We make a formal effort to make sure students address targets rather than just evidence them. Students underachieving are highlighted and monitored by ASL initially through various intervention strategies, and then formally by Subject Leader.


Key Stage 4:

Targets and positive comments are written continuously throughout the project, as work is coursework. This is normally seen at the back of the book or using post-it notes against specific areas. Half-way through a coursework project student work is marked against specific AOs, detailed targets are given linked to student target grades. Copies are given to students and a copy to SL. We make a formal effort to make sure students address targets rather than just evidence them. These are then re-issued with new marks and targets at the end of the project.


Extra-curricular Art

We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities in Art.

There is the extremely popular KS3 Art Club on Wednesday lunchtimes. Support sessions are offered at lunchtimes for GCSE students, as well as after school Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Able, Gifted and Talented students are set projects that challenge and stretch them creatively, work made is then showcased in an end of year exhibition.

All students in all year groups are given the opportunity to go on a trip to somewhere exciting to see artwork first hand.

Key Stage 3 students visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Year 10 students visit Leeds Art Gallery and Year 11 students visit the Tate Gallery and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.
Year 11 Students

Sixth Form students are offered the opportunity each year to visit Paris or Amsterdam. We are aiming to offer some new destinations in the future.

Please have a look at examples of fantastic work by our students.

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