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German Exchange - York and Münster

Huntington School has a very successful and thriving exchange programme with our partner school Wilhelm Hittorf Gymnasium in Münster, twin city of York. The exchange alternates each year between a trip to Germany and a visit to York from our partner school. A school exchange is a fantastic opportunity for students to practise the spoken German they are learning in school and experience the culture of Germany, which often cannot be appreciated in the classroom. The exchange also gives students the opportunity to develop their self-confidence and independence and to make new friends. Comprehension skills are greatly enhanced by participating in an exchange. Whilst in Germany, our students get the opportunity to take part in some lessons in the German school, visit various cities such as Cologne (including a trip to a chocolate factory, to the cathedral and a river cruise on the Rhine) and Bremen. They also visit the Münster Zoo.

When our partner school visits us here in York, our visitors stay with students at Huntington School (mainly staying with those students who visited them in Münster). They take part in lessons in school and we all go on a joint day out to Whitby, including a Fish and Chip supper.

German Exchange in York, July 2016

Our partner school will be visiting here in York between Friday 1 and Thursday 7 July 2016. We are now looking for families who will be able to host our visitors. Some students will be visiting the families of Huntington students who went to Germany in March 2015. Others will be new to the exchange programme.

There will be an important meeting for all parents and students hosting German Exchange students between 1 and 7 July 2016. This meeting is on Tuesday 14 June at 6pm in the Drama Studio (P02/P03).

Letter 1: first letter asking for hosts
Information Form
Exchange visit itinerary
Letter 2: letter about trip to Whitby

Useful websites:
> Wilhelm Hittorf Gymnasium (our partner school): http://www.wilhelm-hittorf-gymnasium.de/
> The city of Münster: http://www.muenster.de/


 Huntington School German Exchange   Huntington School German Exchange 
 Huntington School German Exchange  Huntington School German Exchange
 Huntington School German Exchange  Huntington School German Exchange