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Biology at AS and A level will enable you to acquire a systematic body of biological knowledge and an appreciation of its significance. It is a subject that can provide you with great enjoyment and respect for all things living. This course develops many of the topics you may have already studied and introduces you to some of the exciting areas of Biology in the contemporary world. You may study, for example, the influence that genes have on our development, environmental issues and aspects of human health. Biology is a practical science subject so you will develop experimental skills and an understanding of the scientific method. It is hoped that this course will help you gain some understanding of the fresh, dynamic and exciting nature of biology today, and an awareness of the ethical, technological and economic aspects of the subject.


AS UNITS: A-LEVEL UNITS (on top of the AS Units):

1 Biological molecules 5 Energy Systems
2 Cells 6 Responding to Change
3 Exchange of substances 7 Environmental Genetics
4 Genetic information. 8 Genetic Control


Paper 1: any content from 1 – 4 (1 hour 30 minutes; 50% of AS)
Paper 2: any content from 1 – 4 (1 hour 30 minutes; 50% of AS)

Paper 1: any content from 1 – 4 (2 hours; 35% of A-level))
Paper 2: any content from 5 – 8 (2 hours; 35% of A-level)
Paper 3: any content from 1-8 (2 hours; 30% of A-level)