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Home School Agreement

During the time young people are with us at Huntington School we believe that it is very important that a spirit of trust and co-operation is built up between teachers, parents and young people.  This agreement sets out some of the specific ways in which we can all play our part to achieve this positive atmosphere.  It is not a contract but expresses the willingness of all concerned to work together for the benefit of all young people in the school. The Home School Agreement is in three sections, detailing the rights and responsibilities of the school, the students, and the parents:


Huntington School will always endeavour to:
- Provide an ordered, caring, supportive environment which encourages the academic, social and personal development of each individual

- Provide a full and balanced curriculum which, as far as is possible, educates each student to the best of his/her ability

- Set challenging targets for each student and share these targets with parents and student

- Provide records and information to parents about each child's educational progress and general development

- Arrange regular meetings between parents and teachers and be available at other times when concerns or questions arise

- Pass on medical and educational information that parents provide where appropriate

- Keep parents fully informed about important school matters through a wide range of letters home, through the newsletter and through the child's planner

- Respond to parents' enquiries promptly

Parents will always endeavour to:

- Support all the policies and strategies that the school uses to keep a positive working atmosphere

- Encourage their child to be positive about all aspects of school, including homework and the many other opportunities offered

- Ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually, providing school with a note to cover any absence; avoid, wherever possible, term time holidays

- Ensure that their child wears full school uniform, is smart, and brings the right equipment for each day

- Respond promptly to school requests for signatures in the planner and on tear-off slips

- Let the school know of any concerns about their child's education, attend meetings at school to discuss progress and to learn about the work of the school, inform school of any factors which may affect their child's performance

- Help to keep this site safe by not bringing children to school by car after 0820 and not picking children up from school until after 1545, unless absolutely necessary

Students will always endeavour to:
- Attend school regularly and punctually

- Wear full school uniform and take a pride in their appearance; ensure that they bring to school each day the appropriate equipment e.g. PE kit

- Be polite to other people in school and also in the community; behave in an honest and sensible manner, showing respect for the fabric of the school and for their own and other people's property

- Work hard in lessons to develop their abilities to the full and to meet the targets set by the school

- Complete all homework set and hand it in at the appropriate time

- Be good citizens by helping teachers truthfully with investigations and telling them if they know that someone is being bullied

- Keep their computer password confidential and use the school's computer systems according to the rules laid down; when using the Internet always strictly follow teachers' instructions

The ICT Usage Policy:
In addition to this Home School Agreement, every student is asked to sign a Student Internet and Email Acceptable Use Policy Permission Form before being allowed to access the school's ICT Network and Internet connection. This is in the interests of safety and privacy, and details what is expected of students when using school computers.