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In the Art Department we aim to develop and deliver a curriculum that nurtures critical thinking and visual literacy through an engaging and supportive creative environment. Our curriculum is designed to develop independence through a range of differentiated and structured projects, where all students are encouraged to take risks without fear of failure. At Huntington, students will build and develop technical skill whilst studying the formal elements of Art and Design. We will experiment with a range of materials and media, revisiting, reflecting and refining processes and techniques at each Key Stage. All students will develop a knowledge of a range of artists, designers and craftspeople, from historical and contemporary art. We want all our students to be curious, encourage and explore new ideas that promote critical and reflective discussion.  Drawing is incredibly important to us at, it is the oldest form of human communication; the universal language of drawing is used as a tool for learning, expression and invention. Drawing underpins everything we do at Huntington and is where all students begin.