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In the Drama department we aim to celebrate the diversity of our students at Huntington School. We are an inclusive department that embraces every individual’s unique starting point.  Our curriculum, teaching strategies and extra-curricular opportunities are responsive and bespoke in order to support each individual student on their journey through Drama.

We recognise that Drama is a subject in its own right but also is a fantastic tool to explore a vast variety of cross-curricular and life skills.  We ensure our curriculum is rigorous in the study of the theory of theatre. We embed subject-specific vocabulary and aim to excite students about practitioners, genres and theatre history.  We aim to build the confidence of individuals, develop essential life skills and form mature working relationships so that our young people have the skills to overcome problems.  We aim to inspire creativity where students are challenged in a safe environment where they develop into independent learners and leaders.  Enjoyment and appreciation of the Arts is key through engagement with students and parents.

In Drama, our students become performers, directors, theatre makers, leaders, researchers, deep thinkers and solution-focused individuals. We strive for self-discipline and control of rigorously rehearsed and refined skills. Team work is key to a healthy working environment where we encourage and support all learners to be the best they can be.