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Health and Social Care

In Health and Social Care we aim for a curriculum which will be accessible to all students and enable them to become self-motivated and confident learners, who can work independently and as part of a team. We wish to plan and develop a curriculum which provides all students with the broadest possible range of opportunities; at the heart of this is the desire to deliver a subject which has caring for others at its core. We want the students will become resourceful, innovative and capable learners.  Our main priority is for students to be thoughtful but not afraid of making mistakes.  A wide range of skills will be acquired and the knowledge of other subjects, such as science and ICT, will be drawn upon and applied. Students will develop the life skills and knowledge associated with healthy living and caring for others. Cultural awareness will be embedded throughout the curriculum. We aim to encourage a caring, tolerant, disciplined and innovative environment which allows students to research and reflect in a safe, supportive and positive atmosphere, enabling all students to reach their full potential. We aim for all students to make exceptional progress and acquire the personal skills and aptitudes to thrive.