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In the PE department, our vision is to inspire our students to want to take part in life long physical activity, through delivering a curriculum with depth and breadth accessing a variety of experiences and allowing us to capture their enthusiasm. We want to create a teaching space where students feel comfortable yet challenged, where they feel a true sense of belonging and where they can discover confidence in their own skills, abilities and skins. Our goal is for our students to understand the benefits of regular physical activity on physical, mental and social health but also to gain those benefits by being people who regularly participate. We aim for them to be able to begin to understand just how wonderful the human mind and body is and that looking after it will only help aid in their successes. We want students to have endless positive experiences with physical activity and exercise and for them to know what hard work truly feels like. This in turn will develop into a work ethic and be transferrable into all aspects of their lives. We will develop and expand on the life skills necessary for any and every success; determination, resilience, motivation, teamwork, self-discipline, communication and respect. We will do this not only through being athletes and performers but through alternative roles such as coach, analyst, leader and official. We will insist on great sportsmanship and sports etiquette to instil great values to give each student and their experiences a real sense of purpose. And finally we wish for those students who have a true love and passion for our subject to pursue our PE courses and eventually go on to have careers within the sports industry.