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In an age of misinformation and polarisation, the Huntington politics curriculum will help students to form a well-balanced and highly informed understanding of the world in which they live.

Students will learn to scrutinise political processes and structures in detail.  They will develop the skills of critical source evaluation.  They will be able to make well evidenced comparisons between the political systems of the US and UK.  Finally students will gain an understanding of a broad range of ideologies underpinning the study of politics.

Through regular discussion and debate, politics students at Huntington will be given the opportunity to develop, articulate and defend their political opinions.  Alongside this they will be able to listen to, understand, and appreciate the different views of others.  They will form the habit of always asking critical questions of the information they receive. Our curriculum and teaching aims to produce politically aware, informed and engaged citizens who understand and promote the importance of democracy.