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Psychology is the scientific study of the brain and behaviour.

Psychology is a subject that encourages you to consider why we behave in the ways we do and understand the reasons and theories behind our actions.

Through studying psychology it builds empathy, understanding and respect of a variety of mental health issues.

It is also a subject that evaluates the competing theories in psychology, as well as considering the strengths and limitations of research that has been conducted by others.

The department has three teachers who are passionate about the subject of psychology, and who are committed to supporting students to be independent young adults who will thrive in their learning.


This course gives students an opportunity to begin to learn about psychology and many of the issues and challenges that psychologists face when conducting research.

They look at psychology in everyday contexts, for example looking at memory improvement techniques as well as why we conform and follow the actions of others.

They also consider the main theories in psychology and the strengths and limitations associated with each of these.


This course allows students to build upon the knowledge they gained at AS. They will develop their analytical skills and their ability to discuss critical issues in psychology. They will consider a range of topics including Eating Behaviour and Schizophrenia.

A Level Psychology is an excellent preparation for higher education and we encourage learning through discussion, independent research and regular reading of relevant books and research articles.

Trips and visits:

• We do an annual trip for all students, alternating between London (to visit the Freud Museum, the Science Museum and attend the Jack the Ripper walking tour) and Edinburgh (including a visit to a sleep clinic, and Edinburgh Zoo to consider the role of evolution).

• Annual conference at York University on ‘Crime and Punishment’

• We have people who work in psychological professions to speak and answer questions, including a Clinical Psychologist who did her A Levels at Huntington School.