ICT: Advanced


This course is ideal for individuals who are excited by the new technologies and are interested in analysing their impact and possible future progression. The skills and concepts assessed include hardware and software concepts and data handling skills. Students will be taught in specialist suites with industry standard software.


Unit 1: Information, Systems and Applications
(2 hour exam)
This unit deals with data, information, knowledge and how this is processed, the hardware and software components of information systems and characteristics of applications, presentation, communication and the role and impact of ICT. How businesses control their stock, invoicing and on-line training systems will also be considered and external organisations will be employed where at all possible.

Unit 2: Structured ICT Tasks
Students will follow examination board prescribed practical tasks. They will have the opportunity to design and develop software, and provide test data and documentation for a given task. This component is externally assessed through coursework.

Unit 3: ICT Systems, Applications and Implications
(2 hour exam)
Students will study how components are related in an ICT system. You will analyse how we communicate with computers and assess how this can be best controlled to help users of a system. Networks will be analysed in detail.

Unit 4: ICT Project
Students will work with an individual or organisation of their own choosing. They will analyse and define a problem and then design an appropriate solution while communicating with their client. The design will be implemented, tested and evaluated. This project will be a substantial piece of work that will be internally assessed as coursework.


An Advanced Level in ICT is good preparation for anyone considering a career in or a related degree in ICT. Individuals interested in any technological career will benefit from this course as many existing technologies throughout industry and the media are affected by digitised communication.


Students who study this subject will normally achieve A* to C grades in a range of subjects, including C in English Language. If ICT was taken at GCSE you are expected to have gained a grade C or above.